Focus on quality

Norlax exclusively use fresh ingredients of high quality. The fish is fresh and processed immediately upon catch. Due to an efficient distribution system, our fish finds its way to the cold counters shortly after being processed. Norlax only uses pure natural products.


Salmo salar

The saltwater salmon is bred in Norwegian fjords. Here, the fish are sheltered by thousands of small islands and rocks, and they are provided a healthy nutritional food balance. All types of salmon production in Norway are subject to strict control and quality demands, as sea farming should be carried out with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment.


Oncorhynchus mykiss

The trout’s biology resembles the salmon’s. The trout spawn in the period from October to February. When the eggs hatch in April or May, the fry sticks to the familiar surroundings in fresh water.

After 1-5 year, the trout adjusts it’s physiological to salt water living. The experienced Danish breeders know exactly how to imitate the trout’s life cycle. They provide the trout with optimal water and environmental conditions in the aquaculture facilities.

The result of the breeder’s attention to the biological and physiological processes brings out an exceptional taste to the finished product, which is trout of very high quality.

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