World class quality and hygiene

Due to our professional standards and highly efficient system, we are able to deliver a top-quality product that meets all demands in terms of content, service and hygiene. We manage to maintain the high levels of quality throughout all processes of the production and supply chain. We expect you to demand nothing less of us.

Fresh all the way from supplier to consumer

Our salmon and trout are all carefully selected from certified suppliers that live up to the same high demands as we set for ourselves. Our tracking system allows us to follow the fish product all the way from production to the end customer. All our fish are bred responsibly, and all our fresh ingredients are pure natural products that has been processed in accordance with current legislation.

Only salt, smoke and spices

We take pride in natural and fresh ingredients, and our products are therefore all free from additives such as colouring agents and artificial flavouring. Salt, smoke and spices is all we add to the fresh fish. All products go through the same careful treatment and quality tests.

We never compromise on the set standards or the quality of our products.


The certificates document Norlax’s product safety. Food safety is continuously monitored through Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. At Norlax, we have an own control through a HACCP-system and internal analysis program. AIl employees have been through a hygiene course.
Read the control reports from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration here

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