The secret behind Norlax is dedication and excellent craftsmanship

We are specialists in the production of smoked salmon and trout. We know that taste and quality must never be questioned. Therefore, we have carefully selected our raw materials. This means that our fish meets the quality requirements we set for our company and the products we provide.


The salmon is bred in Norwegian fjords. Here, the fish are sheltered by thousands of small islands and rocks.


The biology of trout’s is very similar to the salmon’s. For example, both fish spawn in the period from October to February.

Based on 100 years of experience

For more than 100 years, we have processed our fish with traditional methods that have survived the toll of time throughout generations. And we still use these methods today. We are proud to be one of Europe’s oldest and most experienced smokehouses.

Proud traditional craftmanship from West Jutland

Although Norlax is a company with a long history, we cherish the professional pride and the traditional craftsmanship. By combining craftsmanship from West Jutland with modern technology, we are at the very forefront of modern development. We have learned to adapt and keep up with time without losing focus on our values and strong professionalism.

Raw materials





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