Seafood Health

Can healthy be fun? Should healthy food to be boring? Not if smoked fish products become a key ingredient in the entree, the main course, summer salad or pizza'en. Salmon, trout and halibut have allot more to to contribute than just a great taste. It is several times scientifically proven that fish is healthy and contains a lot of useful substances - including D vitamins and Omega 3, which for many years has been a popular in health topics.

At the same time scientific studies that fish have a positive influence when it comes to a number of diseases.
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Health recommends also that makes fish a regular part of the week's menus. And that makes use of the fish many options when both everyday and celebration dinner to be put together. The phrase "Fish is healthy" is far more than a conclusion. It is a finding, there is evidence. And a "madmotto" has vitamins.