Quality assurance

At Norlax, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our production. Correct and optimised quality management and food safety are vital parts of processing food.

By using the latest technology and knowledge within the field, we manage to maintain high levels of production, hygiene and product handling to guarantee the end customer the best product available.

Our comprehensive HACCP system detects risks before they turn into problems to ensure the best product safety on the market today.

We have designed our Supplier Chain Management System to make sure that every supplier of ours meets our product requirements – because the effort to provide the best product available is rendered meaningless if suppliers deliver an inconsistent level of quality to Norlax. 

Next, our Total Quality Management System ensures that our product quality meets even the highest expectations.

To back it all up, we continuously use an elaborate, internal analysis program to test and sample all our food and hygiene products to make sure that every part of our processes meets the demands of today – in fact we do more than 100,000 tests annually.

For decades, Norlax has met the requirements set out in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, which is one of the most demanding certifications in the food industry. And we gladly continue to pioneer for the best product safety and quality in the industry.