Norlax's roots lie in the time-honoured Danish tradition of smoked fish products – and on a successful merger of salmon smokehouses. We enjoy the combined competence of six different companies that are all part of Norlax today: Th. Petersen, founded back in 1918; Henne Røgeri, Strøms røgeri, Arctic Fish, Copenhagen Salmon House, Ole Brag and naturally, Norlax, which gave its name to the consolidated company in 1992.

These mergers have created a powerful company which, with almost 100 years of experience, is geared to meet consumers’ expectations and the market’s demand for absolute quality products.

Starting with a prominent position in our home market, Norlax has grown to serve major export markets in Europe and abroad.

At Norlax, we also uphold a longstanding tradition of working systematically with efficient production and quality management. Salmon, trout and halibut are delicate fish that must be handled gently with constant attention to hygiene.


In 2004, the management took over Norlax which today only have production in Denmark : in Outrup, where we produce some 3.000 tonnes of finished products a year.


Today, we produce and market products under our own brand names of Norlax and Superior Gold, as well as under private labels.